Privacy Incident Notice

Chilliwack School District  was recently notified that, the travel and medical insurance provider to international students currently and previously enrolled with Chilliwack School District, has experienced a cyber security breach incident. 

Students of the Chilliwack School District’s International Program purchase medical insurance to protect against medical expenses incurred while in Canada. collects information about students for the purposes of providing coverage and processing benefit claims.  Personal information that may be impacted by this incident includes identity information, contact information, and other information provided to support submitted claims. 

The Chilliwack School District is following up with its past and present international students to ensure that students are aware of this incident.   Information about this incident is also available at:  Notice of Privacy Incident |

Any time personal information is exposed to potential misuse, it is important that individuals take steps to protect themselves against the risk of financial fraud and identity theft.  At this time, we recommend that all affected students take the following steps to protect themselves:

This incident has been reported to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.  If you have questions or concerns about your information or how this incident impacts you, you should contact directly for more information.   You should also feel free to contact this office at for questions specific to the Chilliwack School District.